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VCDS HEX V2 (Support Online Update)


You are a diagnostic professional and you are looking for a powerful interface. The HEX-V2 is the reference for professionals in the field on the VOLKSWAGEN, AUDI, SEAT and SKODA series
Thanks to it, you will be able to fully exploit the capacities offered by the VCDS software in French.
To satisfy your most demanding customers, especially owners of new models, the following functions will make your service as easy as possible
– Analysis and erasure of fault codes
– Resetting the drain service
– Automatic computer test
– ECU configuration
– Key programming
– Reading of the actual mileage entered in the computer
– Activation of comfort options
– Testing of advanced mechanical parameters such as:
. Variable geometry turbo.
. Hot film flow meter.
. Pressure, temperature, atmospheric pressure sensors …
. Amount of air absorbed by the engine
. Quantity of fuel injected (injection pump – control slide valve, valve at the start of injection – control slide valve stroke sender)
Comes with software in French
The product may be updated by future versions.

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